The 2015 Cloud Business Summit: Driving Digital Business Transformation

Now in its fifth year, the Cloud Business Summit will bring together the most Cloud- and Digital-experienced senior business and finance executives, marketing strategists and technology leaders to explore how enterprises can, and are, realizing the most from the Cloud in all of its forms.

Cloud technologies are delivering significant business agility and process improvement across the enterprise as we shift beyond cost savings and point solution deployment to core systems of record, mission critical workloads and new ways of collaborating and engaging with employees, customers and partners alike.

Yet succeeding in business today requires not only the embrace of powerful digital Cloud-based capabilities. It demands a rethinking of business fundamentals – given the extraordinary impact they are having on business and financial models, customer engagement, product development / delivery and risk management.  In many regards, we are seeing Schumpeter’s model of “creative destruction” and economic reinvention in play, as Digital Business turns entire industries on their heads.

This applies not only to industries such as media and publishing, financial services, retail, travel and professional services, but traditional industrial, manufacturing and healthcare sectors are now also in play as the full impact of the Cloud, mobility, advanced analytics and the Internet-of-Things (IoT) begins to be realized.

In such an environment, the keys to success lie in taking more chances, embracing innovation, and learning from one’s peers – both within and across industries – who have journeyed ahead of you. This applies to the core technologies impacting business today and the new business fundamentals re-shaping strategy, finance, operations and marketing.

In exploration of these issues, the 2015 Cloud Business Summit will bring together more than 120 senior business, finance, marketing and IT leaders in an environment of open exchange and peer-level learning.  We invite you to join us.


  • IT Leaders – CIOs, CTOs and VP-level Execs responsible for Strategy, Planning and Architecture
  • Senior Finance and Risk Management Executives – CFOs, CROs and other Finance executives responsible for shaping Strategy and Operational excellence
  • Senior Marketers, Business Leaders and Strategists – CMOs, and Product Marketing executives responsible for leading Digital Business initiatives, including building or managing Cloud-enabled solutions, business processes or networks


Conference participants will learn from the experts and their peers concerning the following key themes and topics at the 2015 Cloud Business Summit, which will be represented throughout the conference agenda:

  • The Journey to Digital Business: Managing Opportunity and Risk
  • Customer Engagement: Omni-Channel Strategies Driving Improved Outcomes
  • Getting Value Out of Real-time and Predictive Analytics
  • The New Digital Marketing Mandate: Agility and Customer Experience
  • The Cloud and Finance: Accelerating Demand Amid Security Headwinds
  • The Rise of Advanced Analytics: From Data to Business Insights
  • Applications and Infrastructure Meet the API Economy
  • Aligning the C-Suite to Enable Business Innovation
  • Building the Infrastructure Foundation: Preparing for Hyperscale
  • Mobility as Innovation Catalyst: Forcing Change in Business Platforms
  • Business Networks and Commerce: The Digitization of Supply Chains
  • The Internet-of-Things: Re-inventing Business
  • Governance, Performance, Security: The Connected Reality

Come join us at The Yale Club of New York City, and you’ll start rethinking your business more innovatively.

Best Regards,

Bill McNee
Founder and CEO, Saugatuck Technology