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7:30am - 9:00am

Registration and Sponsored Continental Breakfast
[Grand Ballroom, 20th Floor]

9:00am - 9:10am

Welcoming Remarks [Grand Ballroom]

Speaker: Bill McNee, Founder and CEO at Saugatuck Technology, an ISG business

9:10am - 9:40am

FEATURED PRESENTATION – Information Technology; A Tectonic Shift 

Speaker: Dr. Bernard Meyerson, IBM Fellow and Chief Innovation Officer, IBM

After decades of predictable progress in the basic technology underlying computing, known somewhat inaccurately as Moore's Law, it is finally evident to all that this long running era has ended.  As device dimensions get down to the atomic scale, little performance is gained in generational shifts, and more importantly, even less cost / performance benefit is obtained.  At the same time, with the capture and storage of vast amounts of information, "Big Data", and the need for associated analytics capabilities to monetize this information, the demands on IT as required to differentiate key corporate functions (i.e., marketing, finance, security / risk, compliance) have risen exponentially.  Driving this demand are many emergent requirements / capabilities now reaching material scale, such as the Internet of Things, the use of unstructured data (video, images, speech, text), real time analytics, cyber, etc.   In this featured presentation, Mr. Meyerson will explore the implications of this dramatic shift in technology trajectory at the time where the demands on IT have radically accelerated, considering new data and system architectures, the move away from conventional computing to the common use of accelerators (GPU's, FPGA's), and the technical and business implications of all the above.    

9:40am - 10:05am

Featured Presentation: Digital Business – The Next Path foward

Speaker: Bill McNee, Founder and CEO at Saugatuck Technology

Succeeding in business today requires not only the embrace of powerful Digital / Cloud technologies, but demands a rethinking of business fundamentals given the impact they are having on business / financial models, customer engagement, product development / delivery and risk management.  Across many industries Schumpeter’s model of “creative destruction” and economic reinvention is in play, as Digital Business turns entire industries on their heads. This presentation will frame key conference themes using recent Saugatuck C-level research.

10:05am - 10:45am

Strategy Panel: How to succeed in Digital Business By trying

Session Leader: Bill McNee, Founder and CEO at Saugatuck Technology
Panelists: Scott Henry, EVP and CIO, Madison Square Garden; Steve Hall, Partner, ISG; Ben Pring, Vice President, Co-Director, Center for the Future of Work Cognizant Technology Solutions, Evangelos Simoudis, Managing Director at Corporate Innovation Ventures.

While Digital Business is now a top-tier CXO agenda item, the path is neither straight nor easy. Success often requires fresh thinking around core business processes, what is central to brand value, and what it takes to build an agile, innovative and winning digital business culture. Learning from your peers, both within and across industries is critically important. This panel provides expert guidance to overcome key challenges and to enable best practices to win in the era of Digital Business.

10:45am - 11:00am

Sponsored Morning Break / Networking [Grand Ballroom Foyer]

11:00am - 11:50pm

CFO Insights – Finance and Digital Business Transformation

Speaker: Bruce Guptill, SVP and Head of Research at Saugatuck Technology, an ISG business


CFO / CIO Panel – Addressing More Needs, Delivering More Value

Session Leader: Bruce Guptill, Research Fellow at Saugatuck Technology  
Panelists: Jane Aboyoun, Officer & Vice President, Technology, The New York Public Library, Mark Nittler, VP Enterprise Strategy at Workday, Bill Sinnett, COO at Financial Executives International

Finance and IT groups, roles, and functions continue to transform toward digital business using Cloud, analytics, mobility, and associated capabilities. But too often, these groups move forward on aligned-but-separate paths that exacerbate skills shortages and limit the business effectiveness of advanced solutions. This session explores how and why IT, Finance, and other groups prevent or overcome Cloud/Digital Business challenges, improve innovation efforts, and increase the strategic value of both groups.


11:50am - 12:30pm

Technology panel: cloud infrastructure and security

Session Leader: Charlie Burns, VP at Saugatuck Technology
Panelists: Ed Beesley, CIO NAM, SGS; Joe Fuller, CIO, Dominion Enterprises; Joseph Crawford, Executive Director at Verizon; Alex Bakker, Research Director at Saugatuck Technology

Economics, competitive pressures, and new application functionality are catalyzing the transition to Digital Business through business process transformation. IT can be an enabler or a constraint in this transformation. To fulfill the role of enabler, IT management must provide an agile, economical, and secure infrastructure. This panel will focus on how firms are dealing with infrastructure alternatives and related offerings including managed services.

12:30pm - 1:20pm

Sponsored Lunch / Networking
[Saybrook / Trumbull Room, 18th Floor]

1:20pm – 1:30pm


Presenter(s): William S. McNee and Bruce Guptill, Saugatuck Technology, and Joe Puglisi, Chairman Emeritus, SIM (Fairfield Westchester Chapter)

The most compelling, most innovative, and most creative firms adapting and utilizing Cloud IT to create, develop, improve and refine Digital Business are recognized in this awards session.  The Beacon Awards spotlight and reward user enterprises that have adopted and adapted Cloud into real digital business innovations, developed real improvement and advantage, and helped to shape the future of their company, their markets, and their customer/partner 


1:30pm - 2:00pm

Featured Presentation: AI and Analytics – Digital Business Imperatives

Speaker: K.R. Sanjiv, CTO at Wipro

Every organization today is responding to technological, sociological and business changes triggered by technologies like Social, mobility, cloud and the internet of things over the past decade. Addressing opportunities and threats these changes have brought about is a key aspect of every digital initiative. AI and analytics provide a foundational capability for digital business transformation initiatives. Sanjiv will talk about how companies are using AI and analytics to drive data driven insights, personalized and contextual interactions, predictive and anticipatory actions and automation of business processes.


2:00pm – 2:40pm

leadership panel:Digital Business Success via Cloud Business Solutions

Session Leader: Bruce Guptill, SVP Research, Saugatuck Technology, an ISG Business
Panelists: Christina Van Houten, SVP Industry, Infor; Johnny Dranchak, CTO at CoreTech App Studio at GE; Stanton Jones, Director and Emerging Technology Analyst, ISG

Competitive success is not in Cloud, but in how Cloud is adopted and adapted into innovative ways of doing business. This session profiles how enterprises develop core business improvements, new ways of doing business, and entirely new businesses, by leveraging traditional and new Cloud-based business management solutions in Finance, Marketing, HCM and other key functional areas.. Takeaways will include Best Practices in evaluating areas of opportunity and improvement, developing and optimizing business practices, and types of tools/solutions to consider including in a Digital Business “toolkit.”


2:40pm – 3:20pm

Strategy Panel: Advanced Analytics - the emerging data driven business

Session Leader: Jim Hurley, Distinguished Analyst at Saugatuck Technology
Panelists: Tim Gilchrist, Director, eBusiness Strategy and Innovation,  Anthem Health; Michael Lemberger, VP, Visa; Irving Wladawsky-Berger, Visiting Lecturer at MIT Sloan School of Management, Will Klancko, Enterprise Data Management Leader, GE Capital

Competitive pressures mandate the use of advanced analytics to create new value, as enterprises increasingly become data-driven business. This session explores: What are the best strategies for winning as a data-driven business? What are the challenges, hurdles and myths of being a data-driven business? What is advanced analytics and where does it fit? What are the best data sources to use, when and how? What roles are being created with the advent of advanced analytics? Does everybody need to be a Data Scientist?

3:20pm - 3:35pm

Sponsored Afternoon Break / Networking [Grand Ballroom Foyer]

3:35pm - 4:15pm

CMO / CIO Panel – Digital Marketing – What Working So Far?

Session Leader: Bill McNee, Founder and CEO at Saugatuck Technology
Panelists: Steven Mann, CMO at Adjuvi, Margaret Molloy, Global CMO at Siegel+Gale, Remington Tonar, Chief Digital Officer at Siegelvision 

Digital commerce is transforming the consumer shopping experience, as well as reshaping business-to-business relationships. Firms of all sizes are rapidly re-thinking how best to navigate, integrate and improve the digital experience, optimize customer targeting and execute on emerging omni-channel strategies. This panel will focus on what is happening today, and the key lessons learned from those on the front lines.


4:15pm - 4:55pm


Session Leader: Ron Exler, Distinguished Analyst at Saugatuck Technology
Panelists; Josh Lieberman, Visiting Researcher, Harvard University; Steven Curtis, Head of North American Sales, Enterprise and Cloud at Ericsson; Paul S. Brackett, Former IT & Business Operations Leader, ABB, Sander Dolder, Senior Project Manager, New York City Economic Development Corporation

The IoT will grow at a rapid clip over the next few years, driven by real-world applications using innovative technologies and applications. But growth can easily be stalled by poor interoperability, security concerns, and unproven ROI. What are the IoT applications with real ROI now and in the future? Which technologies are important and innovative? What are the obstacles to expansion and what’s being done to overcome them? Which providers are key and how are they teaming?

4:55pm - 5:00pm


5:00pm - 6:30pm

Networking Reception [Library, 4th Floor]