The scale of Cloud enables unparalleled creativity and opportunity to innovate, create, and improve business of practically any type in practically any market. As such, the future of business lies not in Cloud, but in how forward-thinking business and IT users and leaders adapt and adopt Cloud to innovate, create, and improve business.

The most compelling, most innovative, and most creative firms are recognized with the Saugatuck Beacon Awards, to be presented this year during the 2015 Cloud Business Summit in New York City.  The Beacon Awards spotlight and reward user enterprises that have adopted and adapted Cloud into real digital business innovations, developed real improvement and advantage, and helped to shape the future of their company, their markets, and their customer/partner ecosystems.

Companies may be nominated for Beacon Awards by a third party, or firms may nominate themselves. IT vendor/provider firms may be nominated in their context as user enterprises developing and utilizing Cloud-based, digital business improvement and advantages. 
Nominations must include the following information:

  • Nominated Company: Please provide the name of the company and executive being nominated, along with their full contact information (including phone and email). If it is easier to provide the nominee’s email address and phone during follow-up, that is fine as well. However, we will need to speak with them if the nomination makes the first cut.

  • Nomination Submission: In 500 words or less, please provide a summary description of the nominated company’s Cloud-catalyzed business creation, innovation, or improvement. Briefly profile the efforts and results for the Beacon Award committee to consider. If you have supporting evidence that you would like the committee to review, such as a case study, or a video, please attach or provide links. The nomination submission must answer the following questions:

    • How has the nominated firm innovated using Cloud-based, digital-business capabilities? What can it do now that it could not do?

    • How has the nominated firm improved its ability to do business, improve its business operations, or create new business?

    • What competitive advantages have been enabled and realized, and how have these been measured?

    • What are the next steps to extend/expand these improvements and advantages, and in what time frame?

  • Submitted By: Please provide the name of the person and company who is submitting the nomination, along with their full contact information (including phone and email). 

  • Nominations should be submitted via the form below.  

All nominations will be reviewed and judged by Saugatuck; all judgments are considered final and are not subject to appeal. Saugatuck Research Fellow Bruce Guptill will lead the review of all nominations and can answer any questions about the awards.  

Winners will be recognized at a special ceremony during the 2015 Cloud Business Summit in New York City, and will be invited to a recognition reception with peers, media, and Saugatuck executives. Winners will be also profiled in research published as part of Saugatuck’s ongoing research programs; winners are entitled to one year of rights to reprint that research, subject to Saugatuck reprint and copyright policies.

Saugatuck assumes that any and all information shared in the context of the Beacon Award process is for public consumption. As an unbiased and independent research and consulting firm, Saugatuck does not require or imply that any firm be a client of any of Saugatuck’s business consulting or research services in order to be eligible to receive any award.

For information about Beacon Award winners in 2012, 2013, and 2014, go to our Lens360 Blog. 

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